Pregnancy between 30 to 40 years

Pregnancy between 30 to 40 years

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Pregnancy between 30 to 40 years
Posted in 2014
An increasing number of women are choosing to have their first child in their mid-30s or later. The challenge for this age group is that with the body’s natural aging process, a woman’s eggs age as well; and this phenomenon is a significant cause of infertility and miscarriage. Getting pregnant after age 40 is a challenge for women that may have no other impediment to conception. 
The decline in fertility potential or ‘ovarian reserve’ means that not only do the ovaries have fewer eggs to offer, but the eggs they have are of poorer quality, and thus have a harder time producing eggs that are capable of fertilizing and resulting in a healthy pregnancy. (For many years, researchers wondered whether the uterus was also affected by the aging process, but today it is clear that decline in fertility is mostly due to the results of the aging egg.)
The inability to produce healthy, viable eggs often results in lower pregnancy rates as well as higher rates of miscarriage in women over the age of 35. For women over 40, getting pregnant is only half the journey. As miscarriage rates over 40 are 50% and rise quickly with each advancing year.
My advise
1... I have seen many couple who married between 30+ .... because of their profession settlement.
2.... The couple should remember their age plays major role to give birth to a child. 
3...  It's worth knowing that it's much easier to get pregnant in your early 30s than your late 30s. So it's best not to wait too long before trying for a baby, especially if you want more than one child. About 20 per cent of women aged 35 will still be trying to conceive after a year of regular sex 
4...  There are many advantages to becoming a mum in your 30s. You're more likely to be secure in your career and in your relationship. Both will provide a firm foundation for your growing family. 
5...  New mums in their 30s also have a lot of stamina and resilience, qualities that come in handy for parenting young children. Everyone's different, of course, but you're likely to know yourself better than you did when you were in your 20s. You're also likely to be more flexible than you will be in your 40s. 
6...  If you conceive when you're over 35, sadly, your chances of having a successful pregnancy are lowerMiscarriage rates do rise slowly but steadily in relation to age
7...  If you're a mum-to-be over 35 you are also more likely to experience complications with your pregnancy. These can include: 
  • an ectopic pregnancy
  • placenta praevia
  • a premature birth
  • a low-birth-weight baby
I advise all to marry before 30 and have a healthy child
8... If you want to conceive after 35 years you have to take extra care of your self.  Follow
a... Drink water as needed       b.  Avoid all kinds of tensions    c.  Sleep well minimum 5 hours without disturbance    d...  eat healthy food
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