Birth defects ... Two heads

Birth defects ... Two heads

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Birth defects ... Two heads
Posted on 10th May 2018

Birth defects.....Two heads
Dr. Geetesh sent this photo and asked me the cause of birth defects.
I am very happy to say that all of you are pre planning for every work in your life. Let me explain U
Suppose If you want to be Good Physician. This idea came in to your mind in your childhood.
Then you plan your education as under]
1... Deep study on Biology subject
2... Joining in various coaching institutes which will give perfect coaching
3....Preparing for Medical Entrance Examination
4....After getting seat joining in Medical degree
5... Completing Medical Degree and Prepare for PG entrance
6....After getting seat select the subject..General medicine
It is the procedure for you to settle as Physician
Cause of Birth defect 
1..   The couple should develop and practice  positive thinking before conceiving so that any kind of birth defect can be prevented.
2...  I noticed the couple will not have any positive thinking about their would be child before conceiving.
3..   Once conceived the child will grow as it is.   So I advise every couple to develop and practice positive thinking before conceiving.
Similarly when you want a Healthy and Brilliant child
1...Fill your (couple) bodies with all needed nutrients
2...Drink Water and breath air (oxygen)
3... Dream for the Healthy child without any birth defects
4...Then plan for the child
If you follow above procedure you can give birth to Healthy child as U dream.
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