Water is your health protector

Water is your health protector

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Water is your health protector
Posted in 2013

Water is vital for life and is an essential nutrient. Nutrients are substances in food and drink that are utilized by your body in metabolic and/or sustaining functions. Essential nutrients are those that must be consumed regularly, as your body does not produce the amount needed without utilizing external sources in the form of dietary intake. Deprivation of water will kill an individual faster than being deprived of any other nutrient. This important liquid is a vital component of most major body processes.

Body Temperature Regulation

Water is an important agent in body temperature regulation. The human body cannot function unless this is maintained within a certain range. Water helps achieve this in two ways. Since water is slow to change temperature and is efficient at storing heat, the amount of water in the body composition, 60 to 75 percent, is a natural temperature regulator. Another way this nutrient is used by the body for this purpose is through the process of perspiration. As water evaporates from the skin, the body is cooled.

Important for Chemical Reaction

Protein and carbohydrates are two nutrients necessary for healthy body functioning. They provide energy and are vital for growth and development. However, these two substances are useless to the body without water. Water enables a chemical reaction to occur which results in protein and carbohydrates becoming absorbable and usable by the body.


Water is essential in the body's transportation system. Nutrients and other necessary elements must be sent to all parts of the body in order to ensure functioning of every single body process, from respiration to muscle movement to digestion and waste removal. Without water as the movement medium, the body would not function.

How to Stay Hydrated

Because water is vitally necessary for your body to function properly, it's important to stay well-hydrated. The average person should drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, although this can vary. You may need to drink more fluids if you exercise, are pregnant or are experiencing very warm weather. As a rule of thumb, drink a glass of water or another beverage during meals and between meals. Also, drink water before, during and after a workout.
Note that all beverages and foods contain some water and will help keep you hydrated. Foods like watermelon, spinach and celery are especially high in water content, providing needed fluids to keep you hydrated. If you aren't thirsty, though, and have pale urine, don't over-hydrate yourself. Drinking too much water can actually be life-threatening.

My advise
1...   Most of us not aware of water how it protect our health
2...   Your entire body consist of water more than 60% and protect your health.
3..    Just you think  why you are  replacing engine oil of your vehicle because it will be thick and lost its lubrication property..
4...   Lubrication of all joints of our body  need replace daily to protect our health, joints  ........ other wise you have to face many health problems including heart, kidney..................
5...   Drink water to protect your health and joints

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