Vitamin C improves resistance Power to you and your child

Vitamin C improves resistance Power to you and your child

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Vitamin C improves resistance Power to you and your child
Posted in 2013

Vitamin C improves your resistance power and your unborn child
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It is needed for normal growth and development.
Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water. Leftover amounts of the vitamin leave the body through the urine. That means you need an ongoing supply of such vitamins in your diet.
Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It is used to:
Form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels
Heal wounds and form scar tissue
Repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth
Aid in the absorption of iron
Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that block some of the damage caused by free radicals.
Free radicals are made when your body breaks down food or when you are exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.
The buildup of free radicals over time is largely responsible for the aging process.
Free radicals may play a role in cancer, heart disease, and conditions like arthritis.
The body is not able to make vitamin C on its own, and it does not store vitamin C. It is therefore important to include plenty of vitamin C-containing foods in your daily diet.
Dietary Reference Intakes for vitamin C:
0 to 6 months: 40* milligrams/day (mg/day)
7 to 12 months: 50* mg/day
*Adequate Intake (AI)
1 to 3 years: 15 mg/day
4 to 8 years: 25 mg/day
9 to 13 years: 45 mg/day
Girls 14 to 18 years: 65 mg/day
Pregnant teens: 80 mg/day
Breastfeeding teens: 115 mg/day
Boys 14 to 18 years: 75 mg/day
Men age 19 and older: 90 mg/day
Women age 19 year and older: 75 mg/day
Pregnant women: 85 mg/day
Breastfeeding women: 120 mg/day
Smokers or those who are around secondhand smoke at any age should increase their daily amount of vitamin C an additional 35 mg per day.
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those who smoke need higher amounts of vitamin C. You need Vitamin C every day in your diet. It is available in your food. 

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