Select the right food for U....8

Select the right food for U....8

15.....Why is calcium important during pregnancy and how much do I need daily?
Calcium is used to build your baby’s bones and teeth. All women, including pregnant women, aged 19 years and older should get 1,000 mg of calcium daily; those aged 14–18 years should get 1,300 mg daily. Milk and other dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are the best sources of calcium.
Calcium is important to protect your bone structure and you need extra calcium to develop bone structure of your unborn child and daily increases its quantity according to the unborn child's requirements. If twins or more the requirement of calcium will be more....Calcium is available in your healthy food.....
1 6.....How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
The amount of weight gain that is recommended depends on your health and your body mass index before you were pregnant. If you were a normal weight before pregnancy, you should gain between 25 pounds and 35 pounds during pregnancy. If you were underweight before pregnancy, you should gain more weight than a woman who was a normal weight before pregnancy. If you were overweight or obese before pregnancy, you should gain less weight.
I advise every couple to reduce your obesity (If you have) before conceiving...I don't advise to reduce with heavy exercise or other but to reduce without disturbing your body functions and follow healthy habits and healthy food...

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