Select the right food for U....6

Select the right food for U....6

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11.....What Steps Can You Take To Get Vitamin D?
You can begin by making an effort to eat more vitamin D containing foods. Next, research suggests sensible sun exposure (usually 5-10 min of exposure of the arms and legs or the hands, arms, and face, 2 or 3 times per week) can help as well.
However, the best way to really ensure adequate vitamin D is through simple supplementation. When supplementing, your choices will be between two forms of vitamin D. Ergocalciferol is the vegetarian form of vitamin D and cholecalciferol is the animal-sourced form, usually derived from fish liver oil or lanolin from sheep.
The cholecalciferol form is the most absorbable and utilized form for the body, but if you are vegan you should choose ergocalciferol. Quality is important. We recommend Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 (1000 IU per soft gel) in the natural form cholecalciferol form.
The carrier oil is organic, extra virgin olive oil and they come in small, soft gels that are very easy to swallow. We also recommend Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA with added vitamin D3 (400 IU per 2 soft gels). This product provides two of the most important nutrients for pregnant women backed by a long standing, reliable company that guarantees optimum purity, quality and freshness.
So far I tried to explain how Vitamin D is essential for you and Your unborn child...In our next discussion we will discuss which is the safe source of Vitamin D to get...
12.....Sources of getting Vitamin D
I explained U about the importance of Vitamin D..I told U in every topic so far discussed that what ever food you choose
1....It should be digested in minimum Time
2....It should not give dullness to your mind and Body
3....It should give U sound sleep
4....It should give U energy needed to your body and mind
5....It should not have constipation problem
6....It should not give any side effect or reaction
All the above qualities are available in your healthy food and you will get Vitamin D along with other nutrients needed to your body.
You should expose to Sun light for 10 minutes per day.
Your body gets sufficient Vitamin D...You and your unborn child will be healthy...


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