Benefits of Minerals ..4

Benefits of Minerals ..4

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4...  Phosphorus
  • Aids in the formation of healthy bones and teeth
  • Aids in the production of collagen (prevents the effects of wrinkles)
  • Aids in the production of energy
  • Exists in every cell membrane and is required for normal functionality
  • Keeps blood from clumping while traveling throughout the body to lower the risk of contracting heart disease
  • Aids in the production of bile and the prevention of fatty acid build up in the liver

5...  Potassium
  • Acts as an electrolyte (regulates the electrical communication between cells)
  • Works in conjunction with sodium to regulate waste
  • Regulates and normalizes heart rhythm
  • Assists your body in maintaining a proper balance of water
  • Promotes clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain
  • Has been shown to lower and regulate blood pressure
  • Maintains correct alkalinity levels in bodily fluids
  • Stimulates kidneys to eliminate poisonous waste material
  • Has also been shown to alleviate muscle cramps and prevent them from occurring
  • Improves and promotes healthy skin

6...  Sulfur
  • Contributes to the strength of hair, nails (finger and toe) and skin
  • Assists in several enzyme reactions and the synthesis of protein
  • Aids in the formation and production of collagen (prevents the effects of wrinkles)
  • Assists the red blood cells in their ability to carry oxygen throughout your body
  • Has been shown to be a very effective agent in the removal of toxins from the body


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