Select the right food for U....1

Select the right food for U....1

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Select the right food for U ...  1
Posted in 2013

1....How to get energy?
Every one know to have energy to do day to day work.  When you get weakness you generally consult a doctor and he will advise to take multivitamin or energy drinks or other.  Have you ever think why  we get weakness?  How long will U take medicines or energy drinks or other?
Just I will tell U example....If you have a vehicle and it is not running.  Generally  you check Fuel and fill fuel to run.  You have to fill fuel according to your usage of vehicle.  You have to check other points also such as Engine oil which will protect all internal parts, Air in your tires etc....The mechanic will check all these parts and rectify the trouble.
Our body is similar to your vehicle.  It requires nutrient food to function properly..If any nutrient is lacking then you will feel weakness or pain in concerned part or other.  Your doctor will check with various tests ..Blood test, Urine test etc..and see which nutrient is lacking and prescribe the medicines contains the required nutrient.   When U use the medicine you will be relaxed.  Our body requires all nutrients daily to function all parts.. Every day you need to fill according to your usage.. The work is broadly divided in 1..Physical Work   and   2.  Mental work.
Nutrients needed to physical work is Proteins  and nutrients needed for mental work other such as Zinc, Iron  etc...
Your healthy food contains all required nutrients to your body..  Eat healthy food and protect your health.  If you are trying to conceive you need certain nutrients to develop various parts of your child body such as bones, blood,  etc..  You have to take balanced food to meet your body requirements and your unborn child's requirements.
2....How to choose right food?
Your body consumes Oxygen to digest the food you take and remaining oxygen in your body will be sent to your unborn child.  If any nutrient or oxygen is less to your child then the child will be defective.
I told U many  times that your breathing is depend on your food..God has created us to take 6 lts of Oxygen per minute. It is irrespective height and weight.

My advise

1. It must be digested in minimum time.
2. Your mind and body must be active after taking the food
3. It must consume minimum Oxygen for your digestion and your body needs so that sufficient oxygen is available for your unborn child's needs for developing brain, heart, kidney and other cells of your child's body if you are pregnant.  I also told U Oxygen is the most important to develop Mind i.e thinking power, imagination and to avoid Skin problems to your child. As a pregnant U cannot take more oxygen but you must adjust within the oxygen you have taken to fulfill your body requirements and your unborn child's requirements.
4. It must not have any side effects....

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