Mineral Deficiency can cause Birth defects..7

Mineral Deficiency can cause Birth defects..7

To have Healthy child

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12... Important Minerals U need 7

Vitamin C

The need for vitamin C is increased in pregnancy due to larger blood volume in the mother and the growth of the unborn baby. Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen which is especially important in blood vessels.
Vitamin C also improves adsorption of iron from your diet.
The average requirement for vitamin C during pregnancy is 40mg/day but because of individual variation, some women may need 60mg/day or more.
 Excellent dietary sources of vitamin C include fruit and vegetables.
12... Important Minerals U need 8


calcium is vital for making your baby’s bones and teeth. Dairy products and fish with edible bones - such as sardines - are rich in calcium. Breakfast cereals, dried fruit - such as figs and apricots - bread, almonds, tofu (a vegetable protein made from soya beans) and green leafy vegetables - such as watercress, broccoli and curly kale - are other good sources of calcium.
The recommended dietary intake of calcium per day for pregnant women over 18 is 1000 mg, and 1300mg for teenagers aged 14-18 years. If you don’t eat enough calcium in your daily diet, you should take a calcium supplement of at least 1000mg per day.
Calcium in combination with Vitamin D are complementary in maintaining bone health.  Calcium is available in food grains, pulses etc..
My Advise
1... Eat food Grains, pulses etc..
2... Eat Vegetables, fruits
3... Drink Vegetables/fruit juices
4... I clearly told U clearly which nutrients required and which will be cause of defective births if lacking or excessing
5... Select the food containing minerals as required to give birth to Healthy child
These are not only contain required nutrients but also regulate your breaths, blood flow etc..

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