Vitamin K during your Pregnancy

Vitamin K during your Pregnancy

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Vitamin K during your Pregnancy
Posted in 2014

Vitamin K During Pregnancy:
During pregnancy, it is of utmost importance to meet the nutritional requirements to ensure good health of the mother and proper growth of the baby. It is, therefore, important to understand how much vitamin K intake is necessary during pregnancy, and some simple ways to get more of it through diet.
In general, the vitamin K needs do not increase during pregnancy, and the requirements are the same for adult females who are pregnant and those who are not. Your body needs 90 micrograms of vitamin K a day. Consuming too much of this vitamin could prove to be harmful, and could cause the blood to become too thin.
It is important to make sure you get enough vitamin K during pregnancy, especially as you enter your third trimester. Vitamin K aids healing as well, which could be particularly helpful for you post labor and childbirth.
In addition, a deficiency of vitamin K in pregnancy could turn out to be risky for both the mother and the baby, and may cause the development of cholestasis. The condition mostly affects women in their third trimester of pregnancy and is a hormonally induced disruption of the flow of bile in the gallbladder. The symptoms of Cholestasis include depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, dark urine, severe itching, etc. If you are suffering from cholestasis, increasing your vitamin K intake becomes an absolute priority and necessity.
Vitamin K is available in your Healthy food which avoid many complications] during pregnancy.,I am always telling U that your Healthy food is the best way to protect your self, conceiving and protect your child.

My advise
1....   Vitamin K helps your baby’s blood clot and is also essential for their bone development.
2...  Not getting enough vitamin K can cause symptoms like deficiency bleeding.
3.... When mother during her pregnancy will not consume sufficient Vitamin K
the child may have bone problems particularly Knee Joint destruction, hip joint destruction start from left leg to right leg after 43 years of age... It is called Tibia Joint destruction.  
4...  It is available in vegetables..  Eat regularly to avoid joint problems to your child.

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