Steps to bond with your unborn child....1

Steps to bond with your unborn child....1

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Steps to bond with your unborn child....1
Posted in 2015

New research supports what mothers have long believed, that babies in the womb hear what’s going on outside. Even more intriguing, there is evidence that babies may share in their mothers’ emotions. For centuries many cultures have believed that some sort of emotional network operated between mother and baby, and for this reason admonished mothers to keep their minds and bodies pure during pregnancy. In the past twenty-five years the new field of prenatal psychology has sprung up. Using new technology, prenatal psychologists have used various windows to the womb and have found much that is credible about these superstitions. When mother is happy, baby is happy; when mother is anxious, baby is too. Here are some easy ways to bond with your unborn baby.
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