Steps to bond with your unborn child....2

Steps to bond with your unborn child....2

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Steps to bond with your unborn child....2
Posted in 2015

Steps to bond with your unborn child 2
Know that Sound may Stimulate a Six-Month-Old Fetus.
Studies also show that a six-month-old fetus can move his body to the rhythm of his mother’s speech. Perhaps most astounding, you can bond with your unborn baby so closely that they can be taught when to kick. Researchers stimulated babies to kick by making a loud noise. After these babies were used to kicking with the noise, the researchers placed a vibrator on mother’s abdomen immediately following the noise. Soon these smart little babies learned to kick in response to only the vibration. In other words, they learned to associate the noise with the sensation.
Most of us are not aware that the child reaction on Sound...If you put hard music the child will irritate and If you play soft music the will enjoy it.. I advise Every pregnant woman to listen soft music so that your unborn child ..enjoy .Brought to U


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