Your responsibility about your child

Your responsibility about your child

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Your responsibility about your child
Posted in 2014

Responsibility for the physical and emotional health of a baby is a heavy burden to place on a pregnant mother already worried about keeping her baby safe from a confusing world. Not only must she abstain from polluted foods and try to avoid polluted air, now she must guard against polluted thoughts! Relax! Take reasonable measures to rid your life of tension, take time to rest and revel in positive emotions as you bond with your unborn baby, but understand that there is reason to be concerned only about emotional problems that are serious and last throughout the pregnancy. Do whatever you can to bond with your unborn baby to be sure your baby gets the best emotional start. Remember that emotions, positive or negative, are more intense during pregnancy. Resolve stresses quickly, in a positive fashion; seek professional help if necessary. Talk to, sing to and share affectionate thoughts with your baby. If nothing else, it will make your pregnancy nicer for you.
For Healthy grow of your unborn child You need to follow as under
1...Eat Healthy food to sufficient for your body and unborn child.
2. Drink sufficient water to meet the requirement of both
3. Take food which will not consume more oxygen
4. Keep your mind always cool and pleasant
5. Discuss with your unborn child in pleasant and affectionately
6. Teach the unborn child about how to be a human being and other mythological stories..
If you follow the above you can enjoy with your well mannered, intelligent and healthy child...brought to you


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