Mother thoughts influence fetus brain

Mother thoughts influence fetus brain

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Mother thoughts influence fetus brain
Posted in 2013

You may find that instead of being excited about the birth of your baby, you are feeling stressed and confused. Your feelings during pregnancy can affect the baby too. For example, if you are feeling stressed, the baby’s heart rate will respond to this and potentially increase. Babies whose mothers are anxious or depressed during pregnancy may be more susceptible to mental health issues later in life.
Talk to someone about your feelings and ask questions when you see your maternity team. Try to increase your support network and meet other expectant mums to share your experiences. Try to look after your own health and wellbeing, and make sure you get enough rest and relaxation.
If you have had a mental health issue before, or you are experiencing feelings that differ from those you usually have, you should visit your doctor as soon as you can. Certain antidepressants can be used safely during pregnancy for moderate to severe depression. Your doctor will tell you which ones are safe or suggest another way to help you.
If you were already taking an antidepressant before you became pregnant, your doctor may advise you to stay on the antidepressant. You and your doctor may decide this is the most effective way to help your baby get the best start in life and it may give you the best chance of bonding with your baby.
Prenatal psychologists claim yes. If so, do a pregnant mother’s thoughts influence the emotional life of her preborn baby? Prenatal researchers believe that there is indeed some connection between what you think and how your baby feels, and that from six months on you are able to emotionally bond with your unborn baby because of the hormones associated with your emotions that cross over the placenta.
I am telling U from the beginning that mother positive thinking is more essential to have well mannered child. Both couple should think positively and discuss only positive discussion..It makes your child more positively to react in his life..It is in your hands to give birth with positive
My advise
1...  Develop positive thinking when you wants to conceive.

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