Natural Nutritional for healing

Natural Nutritional for healing

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Natural Nutritional for healing
Posted in 2015
Nature has created foods to help nourish and feed the body. When the body is optimally nourished and unhealthy foods are avoided, the body is then able to repair and rebuild itself. This is very helpful for fertility, especially if there is an underlying imbalance or fertility issue. The cells in the body are constantly dying off and new cells are being created to replace the old cells. This is occurring in every organ, muscle, tissue, etc., of the body constantly. The building blocks of these new cells are provided from the foods that you are consuming. The Natural Fertility Diet is also designed to help support a healthy body, which in turn can heal itself and create healthier cells.
My advise
1... God has created the nature and every animal is following nature to cure it problems and to conceive.
2.... No animal is rushing to Hospital or IVF center or Surrogacy to give birth to the child.
3... Every one has studied Biological science and it has been divided in !.. Zoology and 2. Botany.
Zoology is the subject to know about internal structure and working of the bodies of animal. We don't have any subject but we have been included in Zoology considering the body structure is similar to animal.. We are called as Social Animal.
4... Follow nature to conceive.
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