Ways to bond with your child before birth

Ways to bond with your child before birth

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My memories
Ways to bond with your child before birth
Posted in 2012
My memories
Ways to bond with your unborn child
Posted in 2013
Here are some things that might help you and your baby to start forming an attachment before birth.
Talk and sing to your baby, knowing he or she can hear you.
Gently touch and rub your belly, or massage it.
Respond to your baby's kicks. In the last trimester, you can gently push against the baby or rub your belly where the kick occurred and see if there is a response.
Play music to your baby. Music that mimics a heartbeat of around 60 beats per minute, such as lullabies, is useful. You can also search online for “relaxing” or “calming” music.
Give yourself time to reflect, go for a walk or have a warm bath and think about the baby. You may like to write a diary or stories to the baby about what you are experiencing.
Have an ultra sound. Seeing your baby moving inside the womb can be a poignant experience for parents, and can help them to bond with the baby since it can suddenly seem ‘real’.
Relax, look after yourself and try not to stress. Evidence shows that if a mother feels less stressed during her pregnancy, the health outcome for the baby is better. Your partner or a close friend may be helpful if you need someon
Understand the Stress-Hormone Link to Bond with your Unborn Baby.
What could cause this fascinating correlation between maternal thoughts and fetal personality development? Certainly, mother’s emotions don’t cross the placenta, but her hormones do. Researchers believe that a stressed mother produces an abundance of stress hormones called catecholamines, which have been shown to, in turn, affect emotions. When catecholamines are taken from frightened animals and injected into other animals, the recipients act frightened as well. Scientists theorize that these chemical stressors cross the placenta and “frighten” the developing nervous system. If it happens often enough, the fetus actually gets used to feeling chronically stressed. His system is prepared to overreact to stimuli. Babies who are born with an already overcharged and possibly disturbed nervous system show more emotional disturbances and gastrointestinal upsets, which will earn this baby the label “colicky.”
You might have been experienced that when ever you feel stress than the negative hormones will act on your body which causes health problems such as Headaches, heavy nerves pain, heart attacks etc.. When your body is carrying a unborn child then the feeling or health problems will be similar to you. It is dangerous to you and you child.
So try to avoid situations giving you Stress..e to talk to.

My advise
1... You can shape your child according to your interest like singing, playing or any other before birth so that he will become well professional in that field.
2... You (couple) will be more attached with your child life long and develop affection with you.
3...  If you wants to have a child to become a Scientist or Great Professional you should not listen or see 
music or related 
4... Teach your child how to face difficult situations and solve the problems in his life,profession or other before birth

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