World Health day....Beat Diabetes

World health day.....Beat Diabetes

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World Health day...Beat Diabetes
Posted in 2016
World Health Day 2016: Beat diabetes
6th April 2016 is World Health Day...World Health Organization focused on Diabetes this year because the statistical data of Diabetes is increasing rapidly...You ask your Grand father or Great grand father if any body suffered from Diabetes. You will get answer as NO. Because they followed Healthy life style, Healthy food etc.. Now every one forget their Food habits, Healthy life style due to which even small kid of age is below 10 years is depend on Insulin...If you ask your child where we get Health ?immediately your child replies HOSPITAL OR DOCTOR. This is situation we are seeing in common.
If this situation continues what will be the future of our young Generation? I advise every one to protect your Health by following with your Healthy food, Healthy life style etc..and teach your children. Every one knows PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE so prevent Diabetes and Live Happy and Healthy. To know Scientific causes of Diabetes read my blogs. visit


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