Chemical Composition of our body

Chemical Composition of our body

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Chemical Composition of our body
Posted in 2013

While your are purchasing two wheeler or four wheeler vehicle the manufacturer give you a Manual for maintain of your vehicle.  In that manual he will instruct you when to change engine oil ect..If you follow as per the manufacturer instruction you can run the vehicle for full span of life.  Otherwise you have to face problems.
Similarly while creating us God uses some chemicals in some percentage which we need to maintain till the end of our life.  If any is lacking we have to face health problems.  He stored all chemicals in your food grains, fruits, pulses etc...  When you take your healthy food all chemicals will be filled in your body.  You are using your body for various activities such as doing your day to day work besides this your body works 24 hours for taking breath, purifying your blood, cleaning your body parts etc..  The chemicals will be exhausted with above works.  So you have to fill it daily to avoid health problems.
You might have seen periodic table in you High school or college education.  Out of all our body is composed of some chemical by the God in some percentage which we require to maintain till the end of our life.  If any chemical is not in proper percentage we may face health problems.  Let us recall our memory ie periodic table.
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The four organic basic elementsQuantity elementsEssential trace elementsPossible structural or functional role in mammals


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