Don't give birth to a blind child

Don't give birth to a blind child

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Don't give birth to Blind
Posted 2014

Estimating the magnitude and geographical distribution of visual impairment and causes is an important work to enable an appropriate allocation of resources across the various health areas of work. The magnitude of visual impairment and causes have been estimated for the year 2010, globally and by WHO region from recent data. For countries without data estimates were based on newly developed model.
  • Globally the number of people of all ages visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, of whom 39 million are blind.
  • People 50 years and older are 82% of all blind.
  • The major causes of visual impairment are uncorrected refractive errors (43%) and cataract (33%); the first cause of blindness is cataract (51%).
  • Visual impairment in 2010 is a major global health issue: the preventable causes are as high as 80% of the total global burden.
The above is the data of blind people around the Globe.  No one can say about Blind births.  I being Medical Astrologist and according to my knowledge that every couple can prevent blind births as under
1.. Before conceiving practice Positive thiking
2.. Avoid unhealthy food and follow healthy life style
3.  Your positive thinking will avoid all kinds of birth defects
4.  According to Medical Astrology 2nd house indicate Right eye and 12th house indicate left eye in Male charts.
12th house indicate right eye and 2nd house indicate left eye in female charts.  If any of these houses defected at the time of their union the child will be blind.
Take care before giving birth to the child.....................brought to U....


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