Woman should know about Infections before conceiving

Woman should know about Infections before conceiving

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Woman should know about Infections before conceiving
Posted in May 2018

Infection during pregnancy is a major cause of birth defects. Infections that would typically result in no or mild symptoms in an adult can have severe consequences for the unborn baby. When such infection doesn’t result in loss of pregnancy or stillbirth, it can lead to low birth weight and dysfunction of multiple organ systems in the baby.
Early detection of infection during pregnancy is of cardinal importance. Screening for infection results in reduction in the prevalence of intrauterine infection and birth defects. Certain steps can be taken to minimize risk of infection during pregnancy, including vaccination and preventive measures.
It’s important that all women who are either pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant be aware of the various pathogens that can result in pregnancy loss or birth defects.

My advise
1...  Every woman should know various infections to be faced during pregnancy.
2...  Due to infections that the child may be born defective.
3...  I will tell U the important infections which causes birth defects.

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