Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ... 1

Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ... 1

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Studies on Surrogacy -- Higher birth defects ... 1
Posted in 2017
According to two new studies, women that use assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization or gestational surrogacy may be more likely have children with certain diseases or birth defects. But the studies’ authors admit that the findings have some flaws, and they still support the use of assisted reproduction techniques, including IVF and surrogacy. The dual studies found higher rates of childhood leukemia and defects in children born through ART methods. The reason may be due in part to the advanced maternal age and other preexisting health conditions. Often, women using ART methods may already fall into either or both of these categories. The results of these two studies were noted as not being sufficient evidence to prevent women from continuing use of ART methods.
One of the reasons that the findings from the studies have been deemed inconclusive at this time is that the sample of women studied was not random. Women in the sample who used ART methods had already self-selected to use these methods which mean that there was not a control for their preexisting health.
My advise
1... Surrogacy process is developed by the scientists for the woman whose uterus is removed due to health problems or other
2..... I really appreciate and thankful to all scientists who developed surrogacy process. which is helpful to all woman who cannot give birth to the child
3... It is a process where eggs from a woman and sperm from a man are taken to fertile in a lab and fertile is inserted in another woman womb. The child will grow in that woman and woman is called surrogacy mother.
4.... Most of surrogacy mothers are money minded and will not take proper precautions of child growing in her stomach.
5... I suggest all woman to protect your uterus with healthy habits and give birth to a child..
6... In case you have to give birth to the baby with Surrogacy mother then ask her to stay with you and you can give healthy food to surrogacy mother to have healthy child.
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