Father can teach his child before birth

Father can teach his child before birth

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Father can teach his child before birth
Posted in 2014
Research shows soon after conception, a level of consciousness exists in the embryo. As the fetus develops, its subconscious stores information to prepare it for its mother’s environment. But, the father’s role in relation to the mother is also important.
By the sixth month, the fetus can hear and move in rhythm to its mother’s voice. Imagine the different influence this has if the mother is happily singing or yelling in anger.
It’s no surprise that sonograms taken while parents yell at each other show the baby’s entire body flinching in agitation. Imagine the damage caused by months of feeding this negative energy to a fetus. Frightening, isn’t it? In fact, studies show a bad relationship between parents increases the child’s risk of psychological and physical damage by a startling 200% or more!
So the parents should pass only positive messages to their unborn child..During pregnancy the couple should not use abusive words,
they should behave with good culture, personality which will learn the unborn child
In Mahabharat there is a story ABHIMANYU that he learned how behave with elders, social response and many more including a technique to enter in PADMA VIEWHAM before birth
PADMA VIEWAHAM Is the arrangement of warriors in a battle so that no one will enter in it.
Scientist researched it and proved to be correct. I advise every parent to teach social behavior, how to develop in education /profession and other before birth.
My advise
1.... Most of parents doesn't know that their child will learn before birth
2.... Mother can teach what is good n bad. She can also teach good behavior, about our culture................
3... Father's affection and his guidance also important to the child to face problems and become a well citizen, professional,....................
4.... The child organs will be developed before sixth month of pregnancy and the child will learn from the parents, feel their affection,
5.... Make your child to face any kind of situation and become a good professional.
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