Select the right food for U ... 2

Select the right food for U ... 2

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Select the right food for U ... 2
Posted in 2013
3....Your body requirement OXYGEN
We discussed that we are taking 6 Lts ie 6000 Mlts per minute of Oxygen. We have to count number of breaths per minute. Suppose your breaths per minute are 40
Let us calculate the oxygen you are taking per breath
6000/40 which is equal to 150 ml
your body requirement to protect your brain cells, heart and kidney is 120 ml (as per present conditions) and the remaining oxygen is 150-120= 30 ml
Your body requires to digest the food, clean the blood and to develop your unborn child for this it requires minimum of 200 ml.
With the above explanation your unborn child will not receive oxygen as he required. It will be the cause of pre matured death of the child...
So think of your food and take correct decision.....
4.......Choose the the food which will contain all nutrients
Your body is consist of many parts and each part is required particular vitamins or minerals or other to proper maintenance Similarly your unborn child's body is just forming it also require all nutrients to develop. Everyday your child's body requirements increases...The mother has to provide.
If the mother could not provide particular nutrients it will reflect in child's body and show it as defective child.
Suppose if Calcium is not sufficient to the child's development it shows the child will be born with bone problems.
So take care to select the food and its requirements
My advise
1. It must be digested in minimum time.
2. Your mind and body must be active after taking the food
3. It must consume minimum Oxygen for your digestion and your body needs so that sufficient oxygen is available for your unborn child's needs for developing brain, heart, kidney and other cells of your child's body if you are pregnant. I also told U Oxygen is the most important to develop Mind i.e thinking power, imagination and to avoid Skin problems to your child. As a pregnant U cannot take more oxygen but you must adjust within the oxygen you have taken to fulfill your body requirements and your unborn child's requirements.
4. It must not have any side effects....
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