Birth defects published in CBD Journal

Birth defects published in CBD Journal

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Birth defects published in CBD Journal
April 30, 2015 ·
The following are published CBD ratevaluesin peered reviewed journals. Data of these articles are taken from epidemiological studies conducted by medical college faculty members and / or specialists in Major State Hospitals in Iraq.
12.3/1000 birth in maternity and children’s hospital in Baghdad ;
8.6/1000 birth in Ramadi General Hospital, 2008 ;
4.7/1000 birth in Dohuk, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, 2004-2008;
8.4/1000 birth only (NTD) in Diwania, 2000 ;
3.06/1000 birth in Arbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ;
50/1000 birth in Fallujah General Hospital, 2010 ;
23-48/ 1000 birth in Basrah Maternity Hospital, 2003-2011 ;
27/1000 birth in Najaf
19.3/1000 birth in Al Qaiem District, Anbar, 2009-2011
Birth defects are caused due to unhealthy food, unhealthy life style etc..It is in you hands to give birth to Healthy child..Pl follow healthy food, healthy life style etc..give birth to Healthy child.
Every couple can avoid birth defects with their Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...Follow and enjoy with your Healthy child

My advise
1... Birth defects (structural, functional and metabolic disorder present from birth, may be diagnosed later) rising up as an important cause of infant mortality even in developing countries where infant mortality has been reduced to much extent. Seventy percent of birth defects are preventable through the application of various cost effective community genetic services.
2... Indian people are living in the midst of risk factors for birth defects, e.g., universality of marriage, high fertility, large number of unplanned pregnancies, poor coverage of antenatal care, poor maternal nutritional status, high consanguineous marriages rate, and high carrier rate for hemoglobinopathies. India being the second most populous country with a large number infant born annually with birth defects should focus its attention on strategies for control of birth defects. Many population based strategies such as iodization, double fortification of salt, flour fortification with multivitamins, folic acid supplementation, periconceptional care, carrier screening and prenatal screening are some of proven strategies for control of birth defects
3... Strategies such as iodization of salt in spite of being initiated for a long time in the past do have a very little impact on its consumption (only 50% were using iodized salt). Community genetic services for control of birth defects can be easily flourished and integrated with primary health care in India because of its well established infrastructure and personnel in the field of maternal and child health care. As there is wide variation for infant mortality rate (IMR) in different states in India, so there is a need of deferential approach to implement community genetic services in states those had already achieved national goal of IMR. On the other hand, states those have not achieved the national goal on IMR priority should be given to management of other causes of infant mortality.
4.... According to March of Dimes (MOD) Global Report on Birth Defects, worldwide 7.9 million births occur annually with serious birth defects and 94% of these births occur in the middle and low income countries. According to joint World Health Organization (WHO) and MOD meeting report, birth defects account for 7% of all neonatal mortality and 3.3 million under five deaths. In India birth defects prevalence varies from 61 to 69.9/1000 live births.
5.... Major birth defects include congenital heart defects, neural tube defects (NTDs) and Down syndrome, hemoglobinophathies and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, cause 20% of infant mortality and are responsible for a substantial number of childhood hospitalizations. It has been estimated that 70% of birth are preventable
6.... Follow healthy food and healthy life style to prevent birth defects.

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